An independent, unpaid volunteer Board of Directors, living within Coffey, Osage and/or Franklin counties, oversees how COF's funds are allocated.   The Board is legally accountable for diligent stewardship of the tax dollars and charitable donations that go towards the noble cause of supporting people who are intellectually/developmentally disabled and who have chosen COF as their services provider.

COF is fortunate to have an active Board of Directors which is reflective of a wide knowledge base throughout the three counties it serves. The Board brings leadership and support that is carried throughout the organization.

President, Lori Puckett

I came to know C.O.F. Training Services from our bus driver while volunteering as a chaperone for Special Olympics. Jim Towel was our bus driver and he asked me if I would fill his board of directors’ position for Osage County. My answer was yes because, at the time, some of my students were...
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Vice President, Roberta Allen

Roberta is a retired employee of the State of Kansas. She resides with her husband, Gary, near Melvern. Her son Sean has received residential and employment and targeted case management services from COF for approximately 25 years. He has acquired the skills to live in his own apartment and he...
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Member, David Hornung

David and William Hornung

Hello.  I joined the COF Board of Directors in 2001 with the main purpose of trying to ensure that COF remain a strong stable organization that would continue to provide my son and others with a happy and healthy environment. I have not been disappointed!!! 
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Member, Brenda Kelley

I am married to Keith Kelley.  We have 6 children between us.   Our second son, Doug, is severely mentally handicapped.  He also has diabetes and epilepsy.  He does have a strong work ethic.  He enjoys working for COF and/or Integrated Employment Enterprises.  He has been a COF client since 1985.
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Member Judy Stukey

Judy lives with her husband Phil in Burlington. She is retired from a career in insurance. She was  Charlie Skillman’s legal guardian. Charlie and Judy are cousins. Charlie Skillman received residential and day and targeted case management services for most of his adult life until his death in 2015...
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Member, Greg Bashaw

I was honored to be able to serve on the C O F Board of directors and look forward to providing a positive and energetic influence on the board. My wife and I have lived in rural Gridley area for 30 years. I am an active part of our local community & county and bring experience as a business...
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Secretary / Treasurer, Gloria Patterson

Gloria is a retired Post Master for the US Postal Service. She resides with her husband in Melvern. Her son Dale receives day and employment services from COF.  COF Board member since September of 1993 Representing Osage County
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Open seat Franklin County

We have an open seat for the Board of Directors of Franklin County.
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