It is the agency's philosophy that the individuals who receive services are truly integrated into their communities through their housing located throughout the community, through becoming active volunteers for other community events/agencies, and by enjoying the local restaurants, theaters, parks and recreational activities as would any individual living a happy, healthy life in his or her community.

It is important for any individual with intellectual/developmental disabilities to be a part of his or her community, and to enjoy all aspects of community living which are available to any citizen. COF ensures the persons who receive programming have the opportunities to take advantage of community shops, stores and restaurants, and local and state recreation facilities. Outings at lakes and parks, fishing/camping excursions, trips to watch a favorite sports team or a movie, visits to beauty salons or barber shops, trips to purchase groceries, or shopping for clothing are all regular occurrences.    

Most often, persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities are considered "recipients" of services rather than service providers. COF, however, provides supports so that those persons who wish may volunteer to assist other organizations within the community. Much enjoyment is gained by the people at COF who volunteer at Prairie Paws Animal Shelter.  Assistance is given in cleaning cages, feeding the animals, and in providing socialization opportunities for the animals. Fundraising activities for various community organizations are supported by those who participate in COF Training Services, Inc. Oftentimes an individual may be seen helping cook or clean up after community meals, or helping serve a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner.