Kristen joined COF Training Services in 2015 as a Targeted Case Manager over the Coffey and Osage county areas. After 11 months as a TCM, Kristen became a Lead Advocate of Day Services for Osage county in January, 2016. By November, 2016 Kristen was promoted to Direct Support Manager of Osage county. Now, as the Area Director for Osage county, as of May 2018, Kristen leads her team in Osage City ensuring individuals who receive their day, residential and supported living services are receiving quality care and being integrated within their local community. Her current work focuses on building rapport with business and other establishments within the community, finding various ways for her individuals to be more a part of the community and being seen as a community member, rather than an individual who lives in the area, that receives services. That is accomplished by finding ways for them to give back to their community by volunteering, participating in activities, and working within businesses in the local areas.

“COF is more than just getting our individuals integrated in their local communities and providing various supports through their everyday lives. It is about making an impact on our individuals and helping them grow and learn new things as much as possible. While doing so, learning from our individuals and taking the impact we experience, helping us to grow as well.”

Kristen completed her undergrad studies Emporia State University in 2014 graduating and majoring with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with a minor in Rehabilitation. When she is not diving into all things Area Director-like duties, she is running around with her two little ones, obviously drinking loads of coffee due to those two, playing sports/working out, and working on her cooking skills to fit her new healthy lifestyle (most days). To get more information regarding the Osage county area, you can contact her via e-mail at