Make Kansas Work!

House Bill HB2416 - Targeted Employment Act is in this reawakening of Kansas plan! It would help not only our own population, but an entirely bigger one altogether!

"Kansas House Republican Leadership has unveiled a five-point plan to spur rural revitalization, increase workforce, and reduce dependence on public assistance. The plan - Make Kansas Work - focuses on five bills that leadership will introduce for the Legislature’s consideration during the 2020 session."

For more information visit the website:

Our guys got together to create handmade Valentines to the great staff, veterans, and patients at the Topeka campus of Eastern Kansas Health Care. In-turn they sent us a lovely letter of their graciousness and thanks for our efforts.

It doesn't stop there as we are also creating Shamrocks for the month of March and creating "God Bless America" signs to be sent on Memorial Day for them.

The volunteerism is strong at COF, and only continues to get stronger!