At COF, individualized person-centered plans (PCPs) provide supports and services based upon each person's assessed needs and wishes.

COF offers the following services:

Day Services

Measuring tubes for oxygen masks

Find out more about the types of day services we offer, including contractual work and employment services.

Residential Services

Read about our residential options, including community, group home, and supportive living.

Case Management/ILC Services

Information about COF's targeted case managers and our person centered plan.

Ancillary Services

Besides residential, day, and case management services, COF also provides a variety of supplementary benefits to enrich the lives of those we serve.

Shared Living

The philosophy of Shared Living is simple - people do best when they live in homes that are designed with their unique interests and support needs in mind. The goal of Shared Living is that people have the opportunity to develop strong, supportive and lasting relationships with those who provide...