Nursing Services

Two full time registered nurses and four nursing clerks are employed by COF to assist those people who use COF’s residential services and COF’s day program services in the management and delivery of prescribed medications. The nursing staff provides scheduling, transportation, input and guidance with regards to all medical appointments. Nursing staff ensures that physicians’ orders are followed correctly. Nurses are available 24 hours a day seven days a week for consultation and assistance in ensuring each person’s health care needs are effectively managed.  Most importantly, COF’s nurses take a personal interest in and form a relationship with each of the people they serve. The provision of excellent nursing services is a key feature of COF’s commitment to ensure that the people it serves are well cared for and their health and safety are a high priority. COF’s nursing services are an option that is available to people who choose to use COF’s residential and COF’s day services.  If you are considering choosing COF to provide residential and day services, you are welcome to visit and ask questions of our nursing staff.     

Projects/Grants Manager

As part of COF’s commitment to Control Our Future, a position exists which is fully dedicated to finding grants, conducting research, and coordinating new projects. Results from this staff person’s efforts directly benefit the individuals receiving services from COF. Grants, for example, have been awarded to replace all windows and doors and to improve insulation in the 14 homes and the apartment complex owned and operated through COF’s subsidiaries.  Additionally, a 3 year grant was awarded to fund a full time position dedicated to helping individuals become more fully integrated into their communities and to provide recreational activities.  Outings to parks, swimming pools, concerts, restaurants, etc. have been greatly enjoyed. You are welcome to visit and ask questions of our Projects / Grants Manager


Free food commodities are available to all recipients of services from COF.

HUD Housing

The costs of rent and utilities for people residing in properties owned and operated by COF subsidiaries pay significantly reduced rates based on their incomes because these properties are financed through HUD.  If you are considering choosing using COF’s subsidized rental properties, feel free to visit and ask questions of the manager of COF’s HUD Properties.


Whether or not housing for a person receiving residential services from COF is operated by COF, every effort is made to help the person access housing subsidies.  As with housing subsidies, every effort is made by COF on behalf of the people that it serves to access food stamps and/or all other types of subsidies to supplement their income.


People who receive services are afforded, at a low cost, transportation to and from their day services program; medical appointments; shopping; and various outings and recreational activities.

For information on our Title VI Complaint procedure please click Title VI for website.pdf.

Money Management

A full range of money management services is provided, at a low cost, to all individuals who need help in managing their funds:  banking, bill paying, recreational activities, etc.   If you are considering choosing this ancillary service of COF, you are welcomed to visit with and ask questions of the people who are responsible for managing these funds.


Recipients of services from COF benefit from the training that COF provides to its staff that far exceeds the minimal training required by the State of Kansas.

When considering which provider of services to people who are intellectually/developmentally disabled you will choose, it is important to take into account what, if any, ancillary services are available. 

If you have questions or would like to learn more about these services, please feel free to visit or contact us at any time.