Targeted case managers and Indepent Living Counselors (ILCs) who work for COF are well trained and required to have a 4-year college degree. This is another very important distinction that should be taken into consideration by anybody who is choosing a targeted case manager. Given the statutory importance ascribed to the role of targeted case managers by the State of Kansas, we at COF believe that having well educated, well trained targeted case managers is imperative.  Anything less is not an option we will consider.  We encourage those who are considering changing their targeted case management services or who are seeking out their first targeted case manager to accept no lower standard than what COF offers as of matter of course.

All of COF’s targeted case managers are required to live within the boundaries of Coffey & Osage and Franklin Counties. Many of the people working as targeted case managers for organizations that are competing with COF do not reside or are not required to reside in the three county area or work for organizations that are not based in the three county area. Some targeted case managers, for example, live and work as far away as Topeka. We believe that this is yet another important distinction that should be taken into consideration when choosing a targeted case management service.

Logic dictates that the further a targeted case manager is geographically removed from the person being served, the more difficult it is to know that person. A good targeted case manager should know intimately the likes and the dislikes and subtle nuances of the personalities of the people they serve. Distance can manifest by geographic distance and it can manifest by lack of routine, ongoing interaction with the person being served. Just as a good targeted case manager should know the person they are serving, they should know the community that the person they are serving has chosen to live in. By knowing the community, the targeted case manager is better able to link the person they are serving with the resources available in that community, some of which might be unique to that particular community.

Additionally, every community has its own character and its own natural network of supportive citizens and good neighbors. A targeted case manager who does not live in or near the communities in which the people they serve have chosen to reside may not know of many of the natural supports available to the people they are serving.

The Person Centered Plan

It is important to take into account the statutory expectations of the role of a targeted case manager. As with all other states, Kansas’ service delivery system for people who are developmentally disabled is based upon the person centered plan (PCP). This PCP is intended to be a “living document,” actively used as a tool by people who deliver those services. A targeted case manager is the person who is statutorily required and who is primarily responsible for developing, implementing, coordinating, revising as needed, and tracking the progress of the person centered plan (PCP) of each individual receiving services. The PCP should vividly portray the person receiving services and it should accurately reflect that person’s wants, needs, dreams, aspirations, and goals in life. Again, it is the single and central document by which those who actually deliver the supports and services for the person being served determine what needs to be done and how to do it. Writing and revising the PCP is an annually required process. To be done properly and with due respect to be rendered to the life of the person for whom the PCP is intended, a well trained and well educated targeted case manager is needed. That is COF’s belief.

Supports and Subsidies

Additionally, COF demands of its targeted case managers that they seek out and ensure the provision of and/or the linkage to any and all possible subsidies that can possibly be accessed. Given the limited financial means of most people who are developmentally disabled and their inherent inability to navigate complex social services systems, a well educated, well trained targeted case manager such as COF provides is needed.