Make Kansas Work!

House Bill HB2416 - Targeted Employment Act is in this reawakening of Kansas plan! It would help not only our own population, but an entirely bigger one altogether!

"Kansas House Republican Leadership has unveiled a five-point plan to spur rural revitalization, increase workforce, and reduce dependence on public assistance. The plan - Make Kansas Work - focuses on five bills that leadership will introduce for the Legislature’s consideration during the 2020 session."

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C.O.F. Training Services is a great asset to the communities it serves.  It provides support to individuals with developmental disabilities, supporting them in multiple aspects of their lives.  It provides enriching, character-building employment experiences and career advancement opportunities for those who show the dedication and strength of character to make the most of what it offers.  Thus, C.O.F. helps both the disadvantaged individuals it serves to grow and develop, to enjoy more out of life with its support toward their greater independence and community inclusion, and it provides opportunities for its employees to grow as individuals through their experiences with C.O.F.  At the end of the day it’s a win-win.  There’s a great deal of pride to be earned in serving with C.O.F.