Ottawa (Corporate Base)
1516 N Davis Avenue, Suite A
Ottawa, KS  66067
Toll Free: 877-990-5035 (toll-free)
Tel: 785-242-5035
Fax: 785-242-2118
Integrated Employment Enterprises, Inc.
1516 N Davis Avenue, Suite B
Ottawa, KS 66067
Tel: 785-248-6207
Fax: 785-242-1918
1415 S. 6th Street, Suite A
Burlington, KS  66839
Tel: 620-364-2151
Fax: 620-364-8062
Osage City
532 Holliday St
Osage, KS 66523
2210 S Princeton Cir Dr
Ottawa, KS 66067
Phone: 785-521-6025

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