I came to know C.O.F. Training Services from our bus driver while volunteering as a chaperone for Special Olympics. Jim Towel was our bus driver and he asked me if I would fill his board of directors’ position for Osage County. My answer was yes because, at the time, some of my students were transitioning to C.O.F. from Marais Des Cygens Valley High School. My students demonstrated such enthusiasm for C.O.F. that I wanted to become part of the action. I wanted to experience, first-hand, opportunities available to students in their post-secondary life. It was like I could view “college” with them.  I have been working with C.O.F. in this capacity for over fifteen years.

It has been with great privilege that I have witnessed C.O.F. Training Services grow from workshop placements to a place where Integrated Independent Employment has transpired. I am honored to be part of an organization that passionately advocates safety, security, and independence of  clients during trying economic times.

Currently, I am employed by Three Lakes Educational Cooperative as a Special Education Teacher wherein my present position is at Carbondale Attendance Center.

  • COF Board member since October of 2001
  • Representing Osage County