Wayne Baylor, Director of Business Development

I have worked for COF and IEE for over 24 years in various management positions.  Finding work for the people we have served has been gratifying, but most of all showing up each day and being greeted with a smile by each person will be remembered forever. My life has been blessed by those clients that have touched my life.

Steven Higa, IT

The individuals at COF are taken care of. Everyone is unique and COF and it's employees simply deliver.

Scott Mayes

C.O.F. Training Services is a great asset to the communities it serves.  It provides support to individuals with developmental disabilities, supporting them in multiple aspects of their lives.  It provides enriching, character-building employment experiences and career advancement opportunities for those who show the dedication and strength of character to make the most of what it offers.  Thus, C.O.F. helps both the disadvantaged individuals it serves to grow and develop, to enjoy more out of life with its support toward their greater independence and community inclusion, and it provides opportunities for its employees to grow as individuals through their experiences with C.O.F.  At the end of the day it’s a win-win.  There’s a great deal of pride to be earned in serving with C.O.F.

Christina Simonds, DSP

I just wanted to thank all of you for making my time at COF the most joyful and wonderful learning experience I have ever had. It has truly been an honor to serve these individuals, and I will never forget the wonderful times I shared with each of them. I have grown very fond of all th epeople here, staff included, and am truly thankful that coming to work everyday has never felt like a "job". I hope you all will keep in touch with me, as I will miss you all a great deal. Thanks again for all the memories, and for making COF the best place to be!!

David Bowlby, client

This has been my home since 1968.

Cynthia Rogers, case manager

The people we serve have become like a second family to me over the ten years I have been employed at COF.

Georgia Whiteford, parent

As for our son Mark, he must be happier than he’s ever been because I seldom hear from him. This makes me feel secure, knowing that he is getting along so well.

Dave & Gloria Hornung, parents

Our son, William, is blind, is not able to walk, has Cerebral Palsy, Autism and has the cognitive abilities of approximately a 3–4 year old. He is almost 30 years young, and Dave and I are no spring chickens. COF has been a blessing to us. They provide services of a workshop, housing, transportation, recreational outings, and medical attention for William. One of my main worries is what will happen to William upon the demise of us, his parents who are his conservators and guardians. COF provides some peace of mind for us knowing that he will always have a place there. There are many decisions regarding William that have caused us great tribulation and heartbreak but since his involvement with COF those decisions have been diminished. I cannot sing the praises of COF enough. They have given a quality of life for William that Dave and I would not be able to do on our own. I wish any parent of a special needs child could have the benefit that COF has provided us. In short, or KISS (keep it simple silly), COF is a saint from God for us and William.

Edward E. York, Former member of Friends of COF

As far as ‘why’ I serve the Friends of COF, it’s pretty simple — I was asked by Chris Patton, John Griffin, and Carla Bienhoff to help raise funds for the developmentally disabled. Who could say no to those three? My admiration and respect for the senior management of COF Training Services is second to none. It is both a pleasure and honor to serve such a well-managed organization. I know the money raised will be entrusted to individuals who will advance the mission of COF Training Services. The opportunity to raise funds for such a noble mission has added value and smiles to my life.

Jeanette Lewis, direct service provider

I have worked at COF over 20 years and have enjoyed working with people that appreciate everything I do for them.