Our son, William, is blind, is not able to walk, has Cerebral Palsy, Autism and has the cognitive abilities of approximately a 3–4 year old. He is almost 30 years young, and Dave and I are no spring chickens. COF has been a blessing to us. They provide services of a workshop, housing, transportation, recreational outings, and medical attention for William. One of my main worries is what will happen to William upon the demise of us, his parents who are his conservators and guardians. COF provides some peace of mind for us knowing that he will always have a place there. There are many decisions regarding William that have caused us great tribulation and heartbreak but since his involvement with COF those decisions have been diminished. I cannot sing the praises of COF enough. They have given a quality of life for William that Dave and I would not be able to do on our own. I wish any parent of a special needs child could have the benefit that COF has provided us. In short, or KISS (keep it simple silly), COF is a saint from God for us and William.